The Kami Pure Difference

Kami Pure Ultra-Luxe Silicone Anti-Wrinkle Gel Pads are in a league of their own. 



Main Benefits: 

Smooths out existing wrinkles & prevents new wrinkles from forming 
 Reduces signs of aging due to gravity, sun damage, and side sleeping 
Stimulates the skin to produce its own natural collagen, thereby filling in fine lines 
Works on & under the skin surface to reduce pigmentation, sun spots, and scars thereby improving the skin’s overall appearance 
-  Hypoallergenic & Eco Friendly
For Daytime or Nighttime use



There are 6 Differentials that make The Kami Pad so unique:

1.  We have the thickest pads in industry - we do this for a two-fold reason; for strength to resist the skin from physically creping thereby creating wrinkles & we found that the thicker the pad the stronger the adhesion.

2.  We own the latest & greatest patented adhesive - there is a “secret recipe” to our adhesive in the manufacturing process which lasts longer than other leading brands, up to 30 + days (varies per person).

3.  We have a scientifically designed contoured coverage to cover the maximum areas of the skin that matter most as well as a more natural comfortable fit.  

4.  We offer also the softest, most plush, high luxe pad in the industry. We have received many comments that they don’t even know that the pad is on!

5.  Lavender soothing color to provide a soothing calming vibe to promote relaxation, calm, and sleep. We also chose the color (unlike other leading brands) to achieve a a prettier, more esthetically appealing pad with non-transparency so as not to see through to the skin.

6.  Never seen before patented adjustable silk straps for the forehead and neck pads to ensure a more secure fit and therefore optimal results.