Debunking Skincare Myths for Once and for All

Taking care of your skin can be an overwhelming task, as most of it requires continuous efforts on your part. You might include or exclude certain products from your regular skincare routine due to your colleague or friend's advice. Unfortunately, a lot of skincare myths can negatively impact your skincare regime.

Maybe someone told you that it is completely fine to skip sunscreen on a cloudy day. Or maybe taking hot showers is good for your skin. We all have been there, which is why we are here to put major skincare myths to rest.

Myth#1: Leaving Your Overnight is Fine

After having a tiring day at work, removing your makeup can be an energy-draining task for many. You need to drag yourself out of bed and into the washroom, which can be a real struggle. But leaving your foundation, mascara, and lipstick overnight are certainly detrimental to your skin.

When you sleep with your makeup on, it combines with the dirt and oil present on your skin. The mixture can clog your pores, which can result in dullness and breakout. You can get micellar water for no-rinse makeup removal.

Myth#2: Touching Your Face Frequently is Okay

We heavily rely on our hands every day, such as opening doors, texting on a cellphone, or grabbing stuff. With every surface your hands touch, bacteria and germs start to collect on your fingers and hands. Considering all the grossness, you can prevent these bacteria from spreading by keeping your hands away from your face.

Another thing to remember is to never apply your makeup or skincare routine with unwashed hands. Germs can accumulate in the pores of your face, causing havoc on the surface.

Myth#3: There Is No Need for Sunscreen in a Cloudy Weather

If you have ever heard that sun protection factor (SPF) is only required during sunny days, you are not alone. Whether you are going to the beach on a summer afternoon or sitting outside to enjoy the view, wearing sunscreen is always a must. Going out without sunscreen can slowly damage your wrinkle, leading to wrinkles, dry skin, and dark spots.

If you are already suffering from wrinkles, silicone wrinkle pads, or a healthy skincare routine can reduce the lines.

Myth#4: There Is No Need for SPF on Your Lips

Many of us tend to forget about our lips when formulating a skincare routine. But they deserve as much love and protection as the other parts of your face. Your lips can also get sunburned –an uncommon knowledge.

Having a lip balm with SPF can protect your lips from the harsh sun rays. Carry the balm in your purse, so your lips can experience sunburn again.

Myth#5: It Is Too Early To Apply Eye Cream

Even if your face is plump with no signs of aging just yet, applying an eye cream can never go wrong. As we age, the thickness levels of our skin start to drop, especially near your eye. The skin around your eye is quite sensitive, which is why this area is the first one to experience signs of aging.

When trying to find a different solution for your wrinkle problem, you can always get silicone wrinkle pads for your eyes. The silicone pads form a cloud of moisture and oxygen, which leads to a rejuvenated and refreshed skin.

All in All

It is almost impossible that you have never been a target of any skincare myths. However, you can use this knowledge to improve your regular skincare regime and offer it the love it deserves.