What Happens To Your Skin When You Stop Wearing Makeup?

On the surface, you can almost love everything about makeup. It can easily highlight the feature you like and hide the ones you disapprove of. Putting on makeup can instantly improve your confidence and make you feel physically attractive. But as much as you enjoy this form of art, it comes with sneaky side effects.

The chemicals present in your makeup can do more harm than good to your health. Exposing your skin to these harmful chemicals can even cause serious health problems down the line. Luckily, forgetting about your cosmetics for a few months can promote skin health.

Here are a few benefits you can witness after saying goodbye to makeup.

1.   Your Pores Start to Unclog

While foundation, bronzer, and highlighter can make you look good, but they also start to slowly collect in your pores. The makeup particles, combined with dirt, pollutant, and bacteria, clog and enlarge the pore in your skin. While there is no exact remedy to shrink the size of your pores, going makeup-free might do the trick. With no makeup particles accumulating them, the pores start to appear smaller and add a finished look to your face.

2.   Reduced Wrinkles

Trying to hide your wrinkles with a firm foundation might be making them even worse. As we age, the signs of matured skin become difficult to hide. However, the two main reasons behind the formation of wrinkles include loss of collagen and hydration.

As the makeup particles start to collect within your fine lines and wrinkles, it highlights the signs even more. If you are thinking about quitting makeup for a few months, you will be surprised at how much younger you look without it. You can also try silicone anti-wrinkle eye pads to reduce any fine lines around your eye. The medical-grade silicone eye pads can keep your skin hydrated and promote collagen growth.

3.   Fewer Breakouts

With each wear of makeup, we expose our skin to toxins and harmful chemicals. Not only makeup clogs your pores but also causes an inflammation reaction upon application. This reaction leads to more breakouts that we try to hide with makeup –a never-ending cycle of misery.

Also, let’s not forget about the makeup brushes that we are supposed to wash regularly. These unwashed brushes can also cause your face to breakout.

4.   Clean Eyes Lead to Fewer Infections

Applying mascara leaves you with more than just longer lashes. Most eye makeup, such as liner, mascara, eye shadow, etc., contains preservatives that can cause infection in your eyes (conjunctivitis or pink eye). It can also cause other eye issues like swelling, irritation, dryness, and itching. These germs can easily travel from one person to another by simply lending your makeup to a friend.

Although it is rare, applying mascara or eyeliner pencil can easily scratch and damage your cornea. If not careful, your eyes can experience serious corneal abrasions.

5.   No More Dry Skin

Each application of makeup on your face can interfere with the natural cell renewal process of your skin. Leaving your makeup overnight can cause havoc on the skin, causing your skin to become dry and dull. Nighttime is the best time to pay attention to your skin, as our bodies work on healing itself while we sleep.

With no makeup on your skin, there is nothing to interrupt the regeneration of skin cells. The result is healthy and vibrant skin every day.

6.   Fewer Bacteria on Your Face

If you could see the bacteria crawling on your makeup products and brushes, you won’t dare to use them again. There are bacteria around us all the time, but smearing your face with them can be an unwise decision.

The older your makeup is, the more bacteria residing in it. Bacteria and viruses can survive within your cosmetics due to the added preservatives.